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Yggdrasil - Tree of Life Belt Pouch. For the badass viking in your life.

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Wooden Elf Armor by Dunkeljorm

study character
by tahra


study character

by tahra



Laetitia Casta, Cannes Film Festival (May 26, 2013)

I don’t know. I would probably dream that I could fly if I wore this.


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Galaxy Space Print Bodysuit Romper Hoodie with by CoquetryClothing


Work in Progress: Black & Gold Aristo Outfit!

I’m still missing an 80cm underskirt and a fluffier petticoat but this is shaping up pretty well! Need to find more gold accessories tho.

Barbarian Helmet by Azmal


Couture Outfit “The Crown Princess”

"The Crown Princess" is a richly embroidered couture outfit, consisting of an underbust corset panty, a matching neck corset and strapless bra.

The corset pieces are made from sheer strong mesh and are elaborately decorated with synthetic leather cutwork, silver beads and Swarovski crystals.

The epaulettes and hip pieces are made from sturdy thermoplast and are also decorated with beads and Swarovski crystals, as well as silver metal spikes.

Royal Black Couture and Corsetry (x)

I think I’m gonna cry